Nicole Snider owns and operates Saffron Collective Studios.

In 2006, Nicole first opened Saffron Pottery Studios solely as a pottery studio. She is now fully dedicated to growing the pottery studio as well as making further connections with the community through her collective studios. Her talents as a potter and instructor speak for themselves.

Nicole has been doing pottery for over 20 years and has had many instructors and mentors in her career which has made her an exceptional hands-on instructor. They have taught her to have an open mind with how everyone learns as well as the variety of ways to make clay work for everyone. There is no clay project she refuses to teach, which entices the most artistic individuals. “There is nothing you can't do with clay, the only limitation is our mind!” says Nicole

She is clearly passionate about pottery and creative expression, as well as creating a community with those she meets on her journey. Nicole is an inviting individual who values her connection with people and experiences. She sees her role with Saffron Collective Studios, as business owner, teacher, mentor as well as student.

She first opened Saffron Collective Studios in April of 2010 and has cultivated a variety of relationships with local artists along the way. Her aim with the collective studios has always been to bring artists and like minded individuals together under one roof with the goal of creating a community that is supportive, inspiring, and encouraging to all who enter into it.

With the current membership at 40 artisans, there is a variety of great minds who come and join us on our collective journey of playing with clay. We have a multitude of talents in our studio from very talented visual artists to extremely skilled functional potters. "I love that Saffron Collective Studios includes and reaches so many people!” says Nicole.

We should also mention - there is a "HUG" zone!