Classes at Saffron

Pottery Classes at Saffron Collective Studios are full of inspiring creativity. From a new spin by a beginner potter on a basic cylinder to a unique lidded vessel crafted by an intermediate. We have many new artisans putting their spin on throwing and creating new pieces. It’s always exciting to see what happens in our pottery classes as everyone is learning or trying something new! Some people come into the studio thinking I don’t know what I signed up for and I’m not creative at all! They are always surprised by what they end up creating

There was a time when I never thought I was an artist, I was just a potter. When I was challenged in my skill level I realized that we all have creative juices flowing in our bodies, but we just need an environment to awaken it sometimes. And sometimes all it takes to arouse your creativity is an environment that allows you to fail and get back up. After all when throwing pottery the worst thing that could happen is you wreck your piece and have to re-use the clay to make something else. At Saffron Collective, we allow you to scrap a pot, but teach you to learn a new skill and empower you to catch your own falls and create something more!

Feel free to come and check out a class and see if this is something you could see yourself doing. We take all types! 😉 No need for a creative bone in your body, just a desire to get dirty while learning something new and then putting your own spin on it.