So now that you have a few lessons under your belt, you are probably finding out that you just can't get enough of this getting dirty business! In that case it is time to get a hold of the key to letting your creative heART bloom! Becoming a member not only allows you "any time access" to the studio to create on your own will, but it also gives instant privilege to our member's only workshops and class discounts. Did we mention time well spent with an amazing group of people? Being a member is fulfilling, giving you an outlet for your creative blooming, a comradery of like minded, knowledgable people, and opportunity to possibly "dip" into a ceramic business of your own. We are happy to provide several membership plans

$100.00 + GST

Pay your membership month to month. Fees are due the 1st of each month. We can take Visa or MasterCard, e-transfers. We can invoice you monthly.

$540.00 +GST

Conveniently budget and pay your membership fees twice a year. We can take Visa, Mastercard, e-transfers and we can also invoice you twice a year.

$1000.00 + GST

One lump payment and you are done! Plus you save when you pay annually! We can take Visa, MasterCard, e-transfer or pay by invoice. How convenient is that!?


  • Any time studio time and a shelf where you can store your works in progress.
  • Access to tools, literature, discounts, some studio supplies such as glazes.
  • To be a member, you must feel that you don't require attentive instruction, as there is none at the studio. However, our collective is a shared knowledge environment.
  • Membership does NOT include your clay, glazing or firing. We do have a variety of clay available for purchase that includes your glazing and firing fees.
  • All members are expected to contribute, not only in the cleaning up of their own work spaces, but to also be a part in maintaining the overall cleanliness and environment of the entire studio.


  • Minimum 12 week pottery course {if you started as a beginner student} to be taken at Saffron Collective Studios.
  • Minimum 4 week refresher pottery class {if you already come to us with some clay experience} to be taken at Saffron Collective Studios.
  • AND you feel confident in your skills
  • A great sense of community and willingness to work with others
Please join us and be part of the pottery community that we have cultivated right in the heART of Cochrane! It really is soul food!